Lars Nickel, Photographer


1969 Born in (East) Berlin

1986 Start of an unbroken autodidactic interest in art photography

1990ies Travels (with a camera) to the West: England, France, USA, Mexico, Guatemala
 Studio and lab jobs

1994Began several complex photo-series in Romania

1998 Long visit to the United States (Chicago)

1999 Trained as a Media Designer for Digital and Print Media

2001 Series of portraits at the shrine of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland

2002 Photo-documentation of St Petersburg
Photographic studies of German care homes for the elderly

2003 Birth of my son Mika
Studied under Prof. Arno Fischer at fas Berlin

2004 Photo-series of Old Texas Town, Berlin’s very own Western milieu
Free-lance work, including for teams such as H. Hauswald/Ostkreuz

2005 Photo-project “grenzen-verbinden”, with trips to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, funded by Robert-Bosch-Stiftung

2006 Birth of my son Béla, Photography in EU border regions such as Narva, Estonia; Cowboy photo-series in Berlin and Brandenburg

2007 Portraits of former Soviet war prisoners in Russia and Armenia, funded by Fonds Erinnerung und Zukunft

2008 Photo-documentation of former POW camps in Germany

2009 "Identities" – photography project with young people
Documentary film "Journey to Tontschuki"

2010 Resumed a few long-term projects like Old Texas Town

2011 Travelling exhibition and catalogue "Russian Camps and Forced Labour"

2012 Death of my brother Dirk

2013 Regular photos for DSW-Journal and Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin

2014 Completed the Beletage project; published in German by Braus Verlag as "Beletage – Ansichten eines Fensterputzers"